Saturday, 6 February 2010

Thomas the Terrible

Thomas came to me about 3 months ago. He had been found by an RSPCA inspector dragging his back leg behind him, unable to use one of his front paws, and hobbling along a road. He was taken to the vet and came out of a long operation with a fixator.

Fixators are fantastic things – my sister had one when she badly smashed her leg a couple of years ago, and was told at the time that she would have lost her leg without it. A metal rod acts as an external skeleton and is pinned through the bone holding everything together. It’s not pretty but it’s an amazing device!

From the minute I met Thomas I knew I had a real character on my hands. He was confined to a huge crate at first and hissed at everything that moved. There was a constant low grumbling whenever I walked into the room he was in. He gave the dirtiest looks I’ve ever seen a cat give.

Within a few days he was trying his legs out in my dining room. He had very little feeling in his front paw due to nerve damage under his “armpit”, and the back leg was very stiff and sore. But he found his purr very quickly and has purred throughout the last 3 months. He could move like lightening when I rattled his food pouch and the pain only showed late at night when he would limp very heavily and sigh constantly.


He was slowly introduced to my cats, and pretended to be shy. Within a few days he was trying to eat Fudge, terrorising Georgie and fighting with Oblee for top spot. They still haven’t settled that particular argument, so there is never a dull moment.

After many visits to the vet, 3 separate infections, and a few catfights with my three, he had the fixator removed last Wednesday. He is getting stronger and stronger and the front paw is also improving every day, which is a huge relief as it was thought at first that he would have to have it amputated.

So a few more weeks and he’ll be off to a new home somewhere. There will be three lots of cat-cheers and a whole lot of people-tears from me when he goes, but he will make someone very happy.

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