Monday, 15 February 2010

Something Kitty This Way Comes

Ooh it's coming to that time of year again. Not sure why but female cats the length of Britain are choosing about now to start looking around for a bit of nooky and in a few months time we'll be inundated with cute little fur balls.

I have Thomas for another 2 months at least, so I've been working out that if he gets a new home at the end of the 2 months it gives me just a few weeks respite before my house will be full of scrambling feet again - and those are just my sister's as she gets down here at breakneck speed to see the babies.

The best ones, although I love them all, are the ones that are only a day old. You look at these tiny helpless creatures and can't help but be awe inspired at the thought that they will be scampering around causing havoc in just a few short weeks.

It's a bit like when you have a baby and you can't wait for them to take their first steps. Once they can walk you long for the days when you could put them down and they would still be in the same place when you came back!

So I'll enjoy my time with laid back Thomas for a while longer and then start to kitten proof the house again ready for a hectic spring.

1 comment:

  1. Awwwww, made me feel all gooey inside lol! I love kittens, they are sooooo cute! And I am looking forward to hearing about all the chaos and mayhem they cause in a couple of months too!

    Loving the new look too!!