Saturday, 23 October 2010

Time to Go

I managed to say goodbye with just a few tears this time. Kipper really is the best cat ever, but such high maintenance! If I didn't have cats of my own already, she is definitely the kind of cat I would want, but she needs your undivided and loyal attention at all times, and it can be very tiring! The kittens are now at the age where they stampede through the house constantly, with Kipper at their heels, and I have started to feel the urge for a little bit of silence in my house occasionally.
So when the RSPCA said they had managed to find a space for them, it was a mixed bag of dread at saying goodbye, joy at the thought of a bit of a break from kitten madness, and guilt at feeling that way.

Squishy had completely fooled me and at 7 weeks old I found to my astonishment that he was in fact a she! I've never found it particularly difficult to sex kittens, it has always seemed very obvious which sex they are, and when I read on websites about how difficult it can be I've often scoffed at it. No longer can I scoff as I was utterly convinced Squishy was a boy, and suddenly here in front of me was what was undeniably a little girl. As she already had a home lined up, I had to break the news to her new mum to be. Fortunately the news was greeted with joy as a little girl would have been their first choice. Phew!!

I had a quick check at Bubbles just in case I'd been wrong on both counts, but he is definitely a little boy, with the cheeky personality to suit.
They went back to the RSPCA at the end of September and I'm pleased that they all have new homes now. Squishy has been renamed Cassie and has her new mum wrapped round her little finger. I often cat sit for Cassie's new big sister, so am really pleased that I'll get to see Cassie too in the future. Bubbles and Kipper have new families also, and I eagerly await news of how they settle in.

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  1. Aww glad they all are away to their new homes! Well done on bringing them up :) I'm getting a new kitten after Xmas, I think there'll be lots of unwanted kittens about that time, needing new homes. Hopefully, I'll be able to stop at bringing one home ;)